Can I use VROMO in my country?

VROMO is accessed via the internet and works seamlessly throughout most of the world

VROMO is available and fully functional throughout most of the world. The dispatch dashboard is accessed through a browser, and the driver apps for Android and iOS are made available globally. VROMO currently relies on services that are not accessible from within China, so if you are based in China and really want to use VROMO please get in touch to discuss your options.

SMS and Phone Calls

SMS and phone services through VROMO are provided through an integration with Twilio. Twilio is able to send SMS messages to most carriers in most countries. To check whether your country is supported, please go to Twilios website.  You may notice that messages are from phone numbers that are not from your local company. Please contact support to request a local phone number to be added. 


Phone number masking for communications between drivers and customers is currently enabled in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and Ireland. If you need numbers to be masked outside of these countries, we are happy to make the functionality available where it is supported by Twilio.  

Data & Privacy

VROMO will store your company's data in Australia, US or Ireland by default and for freemium users. For premium users, your account can be hosted in your local country or on dedicated servers for your company. Please contact support if you need further information.

Language Support

The VROMO Driver app is currently available in English, Spanish and Arabic. Please contact support if you would like to request additional languages.