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How to Create a New Dashboard User

This article describes how to create a new dashboard user

  1. Select "Teams" from the side menu
  2. Click "New dashboard user"
  3. In the popup, provide the user's E-mail address, select their role if you have the permission to assign roles, then select their group
    There are currently three Role types:
    1. Admin - Grants full access to all aspects of that team. If the role is "Admin" on a master account, that person will have full usage of the VROMO system to that team and all other sub-teams created. If the admin is created in a sub-team, that person with have full access to all features but only pertaining to that sub-team.
    2. User - User is a limited access account, the person will be able to influence the Dashboard, Dispatch screen and Reports, but not have any access to Auto Dispatcher, Sites, Teams or Campaigns
    3. Client - Client view gives somebody a view account of the Dashboard page only. They cannot enact any changes on the dashboard but can view the drivers and jobs that are connected to the Team they have a Client view access of
  4. Click the "Save" button to submit the new dashboard user