How to Set up Auto Dispatching

This article describes how to set up auto-dispatch of jobs

  1. Select Auto-dispatch on the left side menu
  2. Click the "Add New Auto Dispatcher" button in the top right
  3. Add a name to your Auto Dispatcher
  4. If you would like jobs to be automatically "started" without the driver marking the job underway, tick the checkbox
  5. To add a new Rule for this Dispatcher, click the "Add New Rule" button
  6. Choose whether the rule should "Offer" or "Dispatch" jobs to drivers.

    "Offer" allows drivers to see a list of offered jobs and pick from that list
    "Dispatch" auto assigns the job to the driver
  7. Select the Team the rule should apply to, whether that is the parent team or a child team
  8. Select your "condition"

    The current options are:
    1. Distance to job is less than ... kilometers
    2. Time past after job creation is at least ... [seconds/minutes/hours]
    3. Time before next deadline is less than ... [seconds/minutes/hours]
    4. Driver has less than ... jobs
  9. To constrain your auto dispatch rules further, click the "Add Condition" button to add further conditions, all of which must be satisfied for jobs to be offered/dispatched
  10. After you have added all your required conditions, save the rule by clicking "Save Rule"
  11. If you wish to edit or remove a rule, use the icons on the right of the "Rules" area
  12. Your Auto Dispatcher is now fully set up, Save your Dispatcher and you are done!