How to Progress Through Your Jobs

This article describes how to progress through your jobs

  1. Jobs List
  2. Starting Jobs
  3. Driver and Dispatcher Chat
  4. Reporting Issues to Dispatchers
  5. Completing Jobs

The flow chart below describes a typical Job with four tasks:

  1. Arrive at Pick up location
  2. Depart Pick up location
  3. Arrive at Customer's location
  4. Depart Customer's location

Note: depending on the company you work with some of the above tasks will be missing or there may be additional tasks however the process flow is similar


1. Jobs List

Once a job has been accepted it will appear in the Jobs tab. At the top of the panel, you may find a countdown timer, this timer is counting down to the next deadline.
It also shows you the Job Name and the names of all tasks.
The three dots circled blue in the example below opens up the menu on the right.
From here you can report an issue, or offer the job to another driver if you do not wish or are unable to complete the order.
If you need to contact the customer at any point throughout the delivery you can do so by pressing the "Contact" button circled in the example below.
There is also a button labelled "Directions" circled in blue, which will open up whichever navigation system you have selected in the profile page, and direct you to your next task.