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How to Set up a Campaign

This article describes how to edit a campaign.

There are currently five tabs for setting up Campaigns:

  1. General - Rename your Campaign and provide your Google Analytics key to analyze the Campaign's effectiveness
  2. Logo -  apply your company logo to the header of your tracking links
  3. Theme - upload an icon to represent the driver on the map of your tracking links and apply primary and secondary colors to match your brand
  4. SMS Template - customize the SMS message your customer receives containing the tracking link, which stage the SMS should be sent, and apply phone number masking for the driver and customer
  5. Promotion - Add promotions, images, text, videos, driver tipping, and marketing opt-ins


To access your campaign, select the "Campaign" icon on the side menu. (See image below, red circle with arrow pointing).
Then proceed by clicking on 'Add New Campaign' button on the top right hand side. 

Once you have named your new Campaign, now you will be able to edit the Campaign to match your needs by clicking on the Edit tab on the newly created Campaign. (See image below, red circle)

  1. General

    1. Click the "General Tab"
    2. To change the Campaign name, edit the "Name" field and press the "Save" button
    3. To apply your Google Analytics to your Campaign, provide your Google Analytics key in the Google Analytics text field then press the "Save" button
  1.  Logo

    a. To apply your company logo to your Campaign, select the "Logo" tab

      b. Click the "Choose File" button and select your logo image file from the popup, then press the "Save" button

3.  Theme 

To apply your brand colors and a custom map icon to your tracking links, select the "Theme" tab and ensure the Theme is enabled

4. SMS Template

    1. To set the SMS content your customers receive, select the "SMS Template" tab
    2. Enable your SMS Template
    3. To select when the SMS should be sent, select from the dropdown "Send when"

      You can pick between the following options:
      1. Underway - the driver is on his way to the customer's address
      2. Never - do not send an SMS message
      3. Created - the order has been created on VROMO
      4. Dispatched - the order has been assigned to a driver
      5. Completed - the order has been delivered
      6. Task X - the task number "X" has been completed
    4. To edit the SMS content, use the text field and the linked placeholders for order number, customer name, and tracking link
    5. SMS Sender would indicate what name would appear on the message that customers would receive.