How to Use the Planning Page

This article describes how to use the Planning page to plan job distribution

This article covers the following:

  1. Select day
  2. Select team(s)
  3. Map view and center map
  4. Selecting and previewing jobs
  5. Timeslots
  6. Assigning jobs
  7. Unassign/reassign jobs
Select the Planning tab in the left-hand side menu

  1. Select the day

    1. Use the date picker in the top left to select the day you wish to plan job distribution for
  2. Select Team(s)

    1. Use the Team selector to select all the teams you wish to plan for
  3. Map view and center map

    1. The map view displays your jobs with a purple pin for pickup locations and a yellow pin for delivery locations
    2. Drivers are displayed as green cars if they currently do not have active jobs, and black cars if they do have active jobs
    3. To center the map on your jobs, click the crosshair icon in the bottom left of the map view
  4. Selecting and previewing jobs

    1. Note as you begin selecting jobs, the routes will highlight on the map
    2. Selecting more jobs will show the routes together, allowing you to determine if the orders can be grouped together with one driver, in conjunction with the deadlines
  5. Timeslots

    1. At the bottom of the page is a grid. The grid displays drivers' availability for jobs. If you select a job for preview the square outline changes to orange
    2. When a job is assigned to a person, the square fills to show they are not available for other jobs in this time period
    3. Selecting other jobs will again outline the box with orange to show the driver is not available
  6. Assigning Jobs

    1. To assign jobs, select your jobs then press the "Dispatch" button
    2. In the resulting popup, assign the Driver to the selected jobs and click "Dispatch"
  7. Unassign/reassign jobs

    1. To unassign jobs, click the timeslot
    2. In the resulting popup, use the checkboxes to select the jobs you wish to unassign then click the "Unassign" button
    3. The job will be added back to the job list for it to be reassigned