Map Settings

This article describes how to center the map on your orders, view Sites icons on the map, make the map full screen, and view traffic levels

  1. Center the Map on Orders

    Click the cross hairs icon on the bottom left of the map

    The result is the map centers to encompass all of your orders
  2. How to Toggle Site Icons On and Off

    To turn Site Icons on and off, click the building icon indicated below

    Clicking the icon again to turn it off removes the icons on the map
  3. Making the Map Full Screen

    To make the map full screen, click the full screen icon on the bottom left of the map, indicated below

    The map view will change as below. To return, click the icon again
  4. View Traffic Levels on Roads

    To view traffic levels click the indicated icon below
    The roads will change to color coded traffic levels. Click the icon again to remove the traffic levels.
    Note this feature may slow down the performance of the dashboard