How to edit account details

This article describes how to update your account settings and personal information

Article sections:

  1. Access account settings
  2. Update profile photo
  3. Update account name, E-mail address, phone number
  4. Update password


  1. Access account settings

    1. Click the User Icon on the top right of the page
    2. Select "Account Settings" from the dropdown
  2. Update profile photo

    1. Select "Change profile photo"
    2. From the popup, navigate to your desired photo and click "Open"
  3. Update contact details: account name, E-mail address, phone number

    1. Edit the text field(s) for those you wish to update

    2. Click the "Save" button
  4. Distance Units

    You can chose depending on local preference between metric or imperial units.
  5. Update password

    1. Confirm your old password
    2. Type in your desired new password into the "New password" textbox, and type in the same password into the "Confirm password" textbox
    3. To submit your new password, click the "Update" button on the right