Driver Frequently Asked Questions

  • The app will not let me sign in, why?
    If you are having login issues or you forgot your password, you can reset your password.
  • I am not getting offers/other drivers are getting offers but I am not, what do I do?
    Ensure your Location is turned on, and if on Android, you have enabled "High Accuracy" GPS.
    Contact the delivery company you work with to make sure they have you set up on the right team/auto-dispatcher etc.
  • I am not getting notifications on my phone to let me know there's a new job available, what do I do?
    Also, ensure you have granted VROMO all necessary permissions.
    Ensure your volume is turned up both for Notifications and Media.
  • The app will not let me start a job or complete any tasks
    Press the round VROMO button at the bottom of your app, this will hide/unhide the availability toggle, you must be available to swipe any tasks on a job.
  • I have been set Idle, what should I do?
    The VROMO Driver App will set a delivery driver to 'Idle' after 30 minutes of inactivity. VROMO Driver App will send a notification to inform delivery driver why they have ben set 'Idle'. If delivery driver taps on the notification, application will automatically access the VROMO Driver App and delivery driver will be to receive orders once again.